Hackers leak documents from science financier NWO

The hackers group cracked the NWO network on 8 February and has “started leaking internal NWO documents from recent years on the dark web”, reports the organization, which falls under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

‘Fundamental grounds’

The leakage of documents has started, according to the science funder, because “on grounds of principle” the demands of criminals are not addressed. “Although NWO deeply regrets that data of its own employees is now being made public unauthorized, this does not change this choice.”

The NWO expects to be able to restore the network in a few weeks. “This will mean that some more stolen files may soon be made public again.”


The requirements are not reported by the NWO. De Volkskrant, which was the first to report about the leaked documents, writes that the criminals would demand millions of euros in ransom. DoppelPaymer uses ransomware (ransomware), which can lock files until users pay a ransom, for example.

Earlier this month, the NWO announced that it had been hacked. Due to the hack, the processing of applications for research grants has been halted. The NWO was established to encourage Dutch scientists. The organization allocates nearly 1 billion euros in funding for researchers every year. Every year the organization awards the Spinoza Prize and the Stevin Prize, the ‘Dutch Nobel Prizes’.


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