Hackers to The Hague | UBS fine of billions | And ‘serious nuisance’ due to closed A12

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Effûh hackûh in Agga. Ethical hackers are testing the digital systems of The Hague today. Something is at stake, because The Hague is only too happy to show off its status as a city of peace, justice and (digital) security. There are twelve prizes, rising to 2000 euros. One of the jury members is Sanne Maasakkers, who recently shone in our ‘Special jobs’ series.

An exciting day for UBS. Today, the French Court will rule on the EUR 4.5 billion fine that the Swiss bank received in 2019 for money laundering and tax evasion. The ruling has no consequences for CEO Ralph Hamers, but it does for his predecessors. They can receive a bonus of 6.9 million euros if their sentence is reduced.

Google is also fighting a billion-dollar fine. The American tech company received a record fine of 4.3 billion euros from the European Commission three years ago because it forces the use of certain Google apps with its Android operating system. Today is the first hearing in a series. Moreover, more investigations and appeals are ongoing.

Major maintenance on the A12 from Utrecht to The Hague. Starting tonight, the highway between Reeuwijk and Woerden will be closed for nine days for a new layer of asphalt. Rijkswaterstaat expects ‘very serious traffic nuisance’ with delays of up to an hour and therefore advises motorists to work from home or to take public transport.

This piece was the most shared this weekend:
The Chinese real estate company Evergrande is in serious financial trouble because of a debt of 250 billion euros. The fear is that if the project developer falls over, the blow will also be felt in other countries. Should smaller investors in the Netherlands be concerned? Four questions and answers.

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The Dutch book their Christmas or winter sports holiday more and a few months earlier than was the case before corona. As a result, a larger proportion of accommodations are now booked than was previously the case around this time of year.

And this you may have missed this weekend:
The holidays are still far away, but (auxiliary) Sinterklaas better get there on time this year. Longer delivery times are expected around Sinterklaas and Christmas, toy sellers say. The shortage of sea containers is playing tricks on them.

This could pass by the coffee machine:

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ps The centre-left SPD of Olaf Scholz has won the elections in Germany from the conservative CDU/CSU.

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