Haggling about noose of 1.2 billion extra risk for Zuidasdok

The project concerns the tunneling and widening of the A10 ring road and expansion of the public transport stations on the south side of the capital. Originally, this project would cost about 2 billion euros and be completed in 2028.

Due to all kinds of setbacks, including a quarrel between the builders and clients, the project will now be completed in 2032 at the earliest, but possibly only in 2036. And that’s not all, there is another 1.2 billion Euros extra to get the job done.

Who pays what?

That money will have to be coughed up by the municipality of Amsterdam and the central government. The big question is how the pain will be distributed. Because the cabinet is on a resignation, no agreements have yet been made about this.

Failure to do so is now the biggest threat to the completion of the project, according to the semi-annual report for the first half of this year. It was only published this week by outgoing Minister Barbara Visser (VVD) of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Significant delay threatens

The longer the decision is delayed, the greater the chance of a ‘substantial delay’. Without a commitment to the 1.2 billion, parts of the project that have not yet been contracted with contractors cannot be put out to tender.

Visser writes to the House of Representatives that she and the municipality are not yet out. “Zuidasdok sees the urgency of this risk increasing,” was warned at the end of June. Time is now running out. If there is no clarity by March of next year, the already delayed planning will run aground.

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