Half of the Netherlands thinks they can just go on holiday in August Lifestyle

Almost 60 percent of the Dutch say they are confident that they can go on holiday in August. This is evident from research by VakantieDiscounter. The most positive are our over-65s, 33% of whom plan to pack their bags. 32 percent expect to travel normally in July, for June this is 21%, for May 17%.

The website also investigated which places the Dutch prefer to go when the corona crisis is over. It is striking that 43% choose to walk around Italy with a big arc and prefer to be found on the Spanish (28%) or Greek coast (25%). Asia also does not score best: 20% choose to avoid this continent for a while.

The crisis also led to more travel plans: almost a quarter (24%) of the Dutch plan to book an (extra) trip this year. VRIJ previously asked our readers how they feel about a postponed holiday.

“Hopefully our vacation will continue! I already booked in December to go to Tyrol in Austria on June 20, where there is now a lockdown … But we are not giving up! – Marie-Louise van Dam

“I don’t make holiday plans until October. The corona virus is expected to be under control. Then it remains to be seen whether and, if so, to what extent the fiscal boomerang claims the holiday budget. ” – Theo Eickelmann

“The next trip is planned for May: a cruise from Italy with my mother. It would be a miracle if this continues. That is why we are now making a travel bucket list. Anticipation remains fun! ”- Janneke Broers

Fortunately, as real Dutch people, we keep up our spirits by planning the trips ahead and completing bucket lists. Whether that can actually be (already) in August will have to be shown …

In the latest corona update: a remarkable treatment that may work against corona, the special return of a legendary aircraft and Ali B appeals to the listeners. Listen the podcast here, below or via your own podcast app.


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