Halo Infinite & Co. can be played directly via Google search

Google is working on a new feature to launch cloud games directly from search – with just one click.

Google now allows some users to launch cloud games directly from search results. Starting the games from the Google search is not limited to the in-house cloud service Stadia, as The Verge also reports.

Start cloud games directly from Google search

If you do a Google search for a game’s name, you might already see a “Play” button, which sort of jump-starts the title. The innovation of the Google search Bryant Chappel from Nerf Report was noticed. He stated that the function also works with “Amazon Luna”, “Xbox Cloud Gaming” and “Geforce Now” from Nvidia.

Of course you still have to link to your own account that is connected to the respective cloud gaming service, otherwise you simply get to the login page of the respective service. There are still occasional prompts and it doesn’t seem to work with all games yet. But at least for Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming, just a single click takes you straight to the game from a Google search result. It’s like navigating from your favorite cloud gaming service’s website and clicking play.

It is not yet clear whether this function will be fully introduced by Google and rolled out for all users. In the meantime, the function has also disappeared from the search results, as reported by The Verge. However, Bryant Chappel confirmed that the feature still works in his home.

Google is probably currently running an A/B test on the function to see how users react to it – but this is pure speculation. Google itself has not yet responded publicly to inquiries in this regard. Such a function on the part of Google could of course give cloud gaming in general a new boost.


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