Halsey soon to be seen next to Sydney Sweeney in new series “The Player’s Table”

Singer Halsey will soon appear in the brand new series The Player’s Table. In it she plays on the side of Sydney Sweeney, who you may know from Euphoria and The Handmaid’s Tale. Where and when the series will be shown is not yet known.

That singer Halsey is at home in many markets is no news for a long time. The 25-year-old American has of course become world famous thanks to her singing career, but she has also played several roles in series and films.

Smaller roles

She was already in several sketches of it Saturday Night Live and observant viewers could also spot Halsey in the latest version of A Star Is Born. The singer is the person who hands out the first award that Ally (played by Lady Gaga) wins.

She also voiced a character in one episode of American Dad! and for a character in the movie Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. Her role in The Player’s Table will be the singer’s first major role.

Sydney Sweeney

The character Halsey will portray is called Rachel Colloway. She is the reason lead character Jill Newman sets out to gather information about the death of her best friend, three years before the events of The Player’s Table.

Jill Newman is played by Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria, The Handmaid’s Tale), who will also act as an executive producer on the series. It was even she who contacted Halsey to ask if she would like to participate The Player’s Table.

Halsey and Sweeney previously collaborated on the video for Halsey’s song Graveyard from 2017.

The Player’s Table

The series is based on They Wish They Were Us, a book by Jessica Goodman that was published earlier this year. In addition to acting in it, Halsey will also be producing the brand new series. When and where The Player’s Table will be shown, is not yet known.


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