Halving salary for Alitalia pilots, Europe’s cheapest pilots

A captain earned an average of 12,500 euros gross per month at the old Alitalia. With the new ITA, that will be 6,200 euros.

That is considerably less than, for example, Ryanair, where a captain earns 11,500 euros. At Air France that salary is 15,000 euros and at Lufthansa it is 13,500 euros.

Cabin crew will earn 35 percent less at ITA than at the old Alitalia. Their salary then amounts to 1680 euros gross per month. The Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 ore compared old and new salaries.


Staff also get fewer vacation days than they were used to. There are only 19 a year. And only six of them may be included in the summer period.

ITA should start flying October 15. The company employs 2800 people. The old Alitalia employed 7,700. Unions were stunned at the new salaries and working conditions.

Some of Alitalia’s aircraft will be used in the new company. ITA will then have 52 aircraft. There is also the plan to order 81 new devices. ITA also wants to take over the Alitalia brand name.

Difficult decades

Alitalia has been a failing airline for over two decades. Losses were made almost every year, but government support kept the company afloat. Alliances were concluded with several foreign companies, but these also failed each time.

The company has been bankrupt for years and has now ended up completely in government hands. Current Prime Minister Mario Draghi no longer wanted to keep the company profitable.

On Friday, the – still – Alitalia staff announced a strike and 172 flights were cancelled.

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