Hamilton: Prouder of social campaign than seventh world title

His fight for equal rights and diversity makes Lewis Hamilton prouder this year than his seventh world title in Formula 1. So said the 35-year-old British driver of Mercedes in his preview of the Grand Prix of Turkey on Sunday at Istanbul Park. If he doesn’t win the race, he will depend on the performance of his Finnish teammate Valtteri Bottas. Either way, tying the world title record of German racing legend Michael Schumacher is only a matter of time for Hamilton.

“Winning a world title is very much a personal thing and it doesn’t necessarily affect the lives of other people,” argued Hamilton, F1 record holder with 93 races won. “For me, the most important thing is to try to improve conditions for people around the world. That’s something I’m much more proud of.”

Hamilton emphasized that he considers it a great honor to be on par with an “icon like Michael” and that he would never have dreamed of seven world titles. “But numbers and titles mean more to people in the outside world. When you’re in the middle of it, it’s different. What’s important this year has been that my title race has been accompanied by the fight for equality and a growing awareness of what is going on. happens in the world. That learning process has led to more awareness in society. “

Hamilton explained to be clear that he does not intend to leave Mercedes after this season. The Briton left room for speculation after the last Grand Prix in Italy, which he won at the Imola circuit, with some cryptic statements. However, he indicated in Istanbul that the discussions about a new alliance are only about various matters outside Formula 1 that he wants to include in the deal.


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