Handshake emoji available in 25 skin tones from next year

Emojis will be just that little bit more inclusive next year. From then on, the handshake emoji will receive no less than 25 combinations of different skin colors. The plans for this change are already two years old, but technical difficulties and the corona virus caused delays.

Emojis seem like simple icons, but behind the principle is a whole organization. Whenever something is changed or new emojis are introduced, it must be done by the Unicode Consortium organization. Every so often they launch an updated list that can be implemented by all websites, tech companies and applications. That way someone will see about the same on an iPhone as on a Samsung and you can easily copy an emoji from, for example, WhatsApp to Messenger.

Skin tones

One of the biggest changes that Unicode Consortium launched in recent years dates back to 2015. Then they decided to no longer just make emojis yellow, but most of them got five different skin tones.

However, there was one exception with that change. The handshake emoji simply stayed yellow. The problem is that at that time it was only technically possible to give both hands a different color at the same time, which is obviously not very realistic. Under pressure from Google, among others, a solution is finally in the works after years.

Emoji 14.0

With the next update from the Unicode Consortium – Emoji 14.0 – the handshake will be available in no less than 25 different combinations. In principle, that version should already be released in 2021, but the corona pandemic has been postponed until 2022. It is not yet known when we will actually be able to use the new emojis. After the launch of Emoji 14.0, all brands and companies still have to implement it.

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