Harassment charges against New York Governor Cuomo again

A third woman accuses New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. The incident is said to have occurred at a wedding, reports the “New York Times”.

The 33-year-old visitor to the wedding stated that she did not know Cuomo personally before the festival in September 2019. At the reception she thanked him for his kind words about the newlyweds.

Confused, shocked and embarrassed

Shortly afterwards, he put his hand on her lower back. After she pushed her away, he accused her of “aggressive” behavior, touched her on the cheeks and asked if he could kiss her, the newspaper quoted her as saying. “I was so confused and shocked and embarrassed.”

At the end of February, two former employees accused the democratic politician of crossing sexual boundaries at work. He is said to have sexually harassed her verbally and touched one of them immorally. Cuomo described the harassment allegations as an unfortunate misunderstanding.

“I admit that some of the things I have said have been misinterpreted as undesirable flirtation. As far as anyone felt that way, I’m really sorry, ”said Cuomo on Sunday evening. The prominent democrat also emphasized: “I have never touched anyone inappropriately.” He also said he had not made immoral advances to anyone. The citizens of New York deserved an independent investigation of the allegations.


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