Hard disk full? These tools help immediately

Games, HD videos, photos – once the hard drive is really full, the performance drops. With these tools, you can ensure that there is sufficient reserve space.

Many years ago, 100 GB hard drives were considered endless, but today most PC users can only smile tiredly at the thought. Because even larger hard drives are full of programs, games, pictures and videos faster than expected. Owners of SSD disks are hit even worse. The flash hard drives are fast and quiet, but still very expensive. That is why many resort to small models and thus run out of space even more quickly. You can quickly create space with a trick – by swapping selected data to a second hard drive. But there is not always a second hard drive and not everyone wants to distribute their data on the entire memory. With these tools – almost all of them are freeware – you can quickly shovel superfluous data into the virtual trash can.

Duplicate files – duplicates – are particularly annoying when the hard drive is short. The freeware DoubleKiller therefore scans the hard drive for duplicates and removes a variant. Practical: At less than one MB it is also very small – after all, you cannot use large data if the hard drive is clogged. Other tools like TreeSize don’t delete anything, but help hunt down file heavyweights. They analyze the space consumption and quickly show the biggest space sinners.

Special tools are required to maintain an SSD hard drive

Accidentally deleted too much? No problem for undelete tools like Recuva. They restore the lost data. But remember not to install anything on the same partition after the data loss! You could accidentally overwrite the files to be rescued.

All of the tools mentioned can be found in the gallery above.

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