Hard to believe: VW Golf 2 special model costs almost 100,000 euros

A VW Golf 8 R costs almost exactly 75,000 euros – equipped with everything the configurator has to offer. A lot of money for a Golf, but it can be much more expensive: In Great Britain, one of only 71 VW Golf G60 Limited ever built is currently being offered. The early ancestor of the Golf R, if you will. The special model built by hand by VW Motorsport based on the Golf 2 should cost almost 100,000 euros!


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While everyone knows the Golf GTI these days, the G60 Limited is largely unknown. At the end of the 1980s, Klaus-Peter Rosorius, head of VW Motorsport at the time, had a crazy idea: he wanted to build a Golf 2 that outshined all other versions, but at the same time was rather inconspicuous. The idea for the G60 Limited was born.

Visually, the special model is discreet

A four-door Golf 2 syncro served as the basis, which mutated by hand into the G60 Limited. The fact that VW opted for a four-door was a calculation, because the body was more torsion-resistant due to the smaller door cutouts.

Visually, the most powerful production Golf 2 of all time deliberately remained inconspicuous. Instead of a red radiator grille border, VW Motorsport decided to paint the grille in the Porsche color “Riviera Blue”.

There were also a few subtle motorsport badges and two-piece 15-inch BBS rims, which were only available for the Corrado in 1989 and were only offered later for the Golf GTI G60. A detail for absolute connoisseurs is the front bumper from the US model, which is equipped with orange indicators.
VW Golf G60 Limited

Visually, the Golf G60 Limited remains unobtrusive. The blue VW Motorsport badge reveals the special model.

In contrast to the subtle optics, the technology was really used. Rosorius combined the 16V engine with the G60 charger. The result was the 1.8-liter four-cylinder with the engine abbreviation 3G, which was only installed in the G60 Limited.

With 210 hp at 6500 rpm, the special model was almost twice as powerful as the original Golf 2 GTI with 112 hp (107 hp with catalytic converter) and also significantly more powerful than the Golf GTI G60 and Golf Rallye, which had 160 hp from their 8V engines pulled out.

VW Golf G60 Limited with 210 hp

In order to combine the G-Lader, which works like a compressor and is belt-driven by the engine, with the 16V, the alternator on the 3G unit was moved to the rear.

With a sharp exhaust camshaft and large intake manifold, the four-cylinder engine delivered 210 hp and 252 Nm of maximum torque at 0.54 bar.

VW Golf G60 Limited

The 16V-G60 was only available in the Golf G60 Limited. Instead of one camshaft (like the 8V), the G60 Limited has two camshafts installed.

The chassis and five-speed gearbox are said to come from the Group A Golf Rally. Thanks to all-wheel drive (syncro), the Limited goes to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds and is said to reach 230 km/h – although there are also rumors that the special model will accelerate to country road speed in under seven seconds.

There were no extras for the Super Golf

For the original new price of 68,500 marks, there was a fully equipped Golf G60 Limited including leather interior with heated front seats, electric sunroof, electric windows, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, tinted rear lights, ABS, power steering, central locking and “Gamma” radio.

There were no extras for the Limited. Customers couldn’t even choose the exterior color. All 71 vehicles built and delivered (insiders speak of 72 cars) were left-hand drive in the exterior color “brilliant black metallic” (color code LP9V).

Even though all Golf G60 Limited produced are left-hand drive, some examples were exported to England. Number 16/71 has been based in Great Britain for 15 years now and is now looking for a new owner with 108,921 kilometers on the clock. The extremely rare Golf is being sold by the dealer “4Star Classics”, and the compact makes a very neat impression in the advertisement photos.

According to the description, the Golf was meticulously restored a few years ago, so that the paintwork and trim parts are in excellent condition. However, there is an inconsistency with the color: According to VW, all G60 Limited are black; However, the dealer writes that the Golf is in “Graphite Gray Metallic” and the paintwork also looks a bit lighter in the photos. Now the question arises: Has the Golf been repainted, or is it simply a typographical error in the advertisement?

VW Golf G60 Limited

The interior looks more like 10,000 than 110,000 kilometers – which is because the seats have been reupholstered.

Less bad: There are small rockfalls at the front, which in spite of the greatest care are inevitable after more than 100,000 kilometers. The interior looks more like 10,000 kilometers in the pictures than almost 110,000 kilometers, which is due to the fact that the seats were covered with original leather and upholstered in 2019.

The Golf should now cost around 94,000 euros

The Golf G60 Limited has been in current ownership since 2007. Shortly after purchase, the 1.8-liter 16V was extensively revised. On this occasion there were also some modifications, for example a larger charger and a stainless steel exhaust system were installed.

The rare Golf is now on sale for £79,995. That’s the equivalent of a good 94,000 euros – around 20,000 euros more than the price that VW is asking for a brand new, fully equipped Golf 8 R.

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