Hardcore Mecha will also appear physically for Nintendo Switch

Hardcore mecha Not only does it get a new release for Nintendo Switch, it also appears physically in the West. The 2D mech action game is digitally distributed worldwide by Lightning Games. Game Source Entertainment will release a physical version in Japan. Publisher Red Art Games takes care of our realms. The local publication will appear limited in the 1st quarter of 2020. The version costs 39.99 euros and you can pre-order it from tomorrow at Red Art Games.

With over 40 different, unlockable mechas, Hardcore Mecha focuses on precise handling and intense battles to offer exciting adventures in story-rich campaign mode, brutal survival mode and expansive multiplayer mode.

You slip into the role of Tarethur O’Connell, an ACE pilot for Hardcore Defense Corp. In a future where colonies have been established on Mars, Tarethur embarks on a mission to look for a missing intelligence officer. He will find that this seemingly simple command poses a greater threat …

Hardcore Mecha was originally released for PS4 in Japan and Asia and in June 2019 also worldwide for PC Steam. In the West, Hardcore Mecha was released for PS4 in January 2020. The digital switch release is still planned for October.

Images: Hardcore Mecha, Rocket Punch Games / Red Art Games


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