Harden Windows with specialized tools

Windows security can be significantly increased if you eliminate typical vulnerabilities. The result is what is known as a hardened system.

The term “hardening” is often used by security experts when an operating system is made more secure through its configuration than in the standard settings. This can be done manually or via group guidelines, as published by the BSI.

If the path through Group Policy is too tedious for you, tools can help harden Windows. Three well-known tools for hardening are OS Armor, Syshardener and Hardentools. Here we describe the OS-Armor hardening tool.

Additional protection for Windows:

PC viruses keep using the same tricks to infiltrate a system. Many viruses, for example, come piggyback with an Office document. This is where OS Armor comes in. It registers when an application, such as Word, starts the command prompt and blocks it. OS Armor monitors around a hundred such virus tricks and can therefore always sound an alarm if the actual antivirus program has failed.

Here are some things to watch out for:

OS-Armor also produces false positives. So it reports actions as suspicious that are actually harmless. PC beginners may then have difficulty assessing the message correctly.

That’s how it’s done:

The installation of OS Armor is done quickly. For the beginning we recommend leaving the default settings of OS Armor. You can see this when you click on “Open Configurator” in OS Armor. If you have made changes in the configurator and OS Armor blocks too many desired actions, you can reset the tool via “Rest to Default”.

The freeware OSArmor adds another virus protection layer to the PC.


The freeware OSArmor adds another virus protection layer to the PC.

Extra protection

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