Hardly any difference between British and European AstraZeneca contract: EU signed earlier, but British received more vaccines

The newly discovered contract states that the British will receive vaccines from five production locations, although the locations of these factories have been omitted. There is therefore a good chance that factories located on the European mainland have also supplied vaccines to the United Kingdom.

According to Soriot, the United Kingdom had signed a contract with his company much earlier, which would have given it more and faster vaccines. It now appears that Europe had already signed a contract with AstraZeneca a day faster than the British. Although the producer defends itself in a reaction against the Dutch Public Broadcasting (NOS), arguing that it would have reached an agreement with the UK as early as May, so that a production chain could start there earlier.

The company guaranteed to both players that other contracts would not hinder execution. It remains unclear why the British have received more vaccines than the EU.


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