Harley-Davidson FLT Road King: neat, fat Harley on eBay

Lover more classic Harleys especially like their machines when they are big, heavy and out much iron are made. One that meets these requirements with flying colors is the ab 1993 built model series Road King. With her classic Look, your comfortable landing gear and a really cozy one Sitting position The fat touring Harley convinces even the inexperienced of the relaxed Bubbling away.

Such a Harley-Davidson Road King is currently available eBay for sale. It’s a FLT Road King of the year 1998, a Anniversary model for the 95th birthday of Harley-Davidson. Stand on the speedometer 75,900 kilometers, on the price tag 13,850 euros.

Harley-Davidson FLT Road King on eBay

The first thing in the eBay listing are those photos on. They show one individually designed machine with a special paint finish (Water transfer printing) and many little ones Details like skulls on the headlights. Whether you like the look is of course a question of personal taste. But the pictures also show a motorcycle that allegedly lovingly groomed became. At first glance, despite the quite handsome Mileage not even Signs of use recognize. This impression fits the fact that the machine apparently runs regularly in a Specialist workshop was cared for and both TÜV as well as tires are very fresh.
eBay Harley Davidson FLT Road King

A question of taste: The additional headlights are decorated with small skeletons or skulls.

The seller describes his motorcycle as tiptop together. But he also admits that it is not a Show vehicle acts – this honesty is commendable. Because he probably wants to make it clear that the machine is in a very good, but not in a better-than-new condition, with one or the other CustomHarley maybe could shine. But that is not to be expected either. Finally, the advertised Road King is said to be “gladly and often drove“. The latter is likely to above all 58 hp strengthen, 1338 cubic centimeters huge Two-cylinder have done well. All other custom details are listed in the advertisement.
eBay Harley Davidson FLT Road King

Despite the respectable mileage, the machine doesn’t even seem to have any signs of use.

A good Harley-Davidson FLT Road King has its price

If you want to own a Harley-Davidson Road King, you should have it Change bring along. Regardless of the year of construction, machines of this type are made only exceptionally for less than 10,000 euros acted. And then he can State like to raise questions. The clever one checks them Vehicle history and the care as with every used vehicle. This includes a detailed Test drive just like a incoming conversation with the seller and the look at Workshop invoices.
eBay Harley Davidson FLT Road King

Some Harley models can hardly have enough chrome jewelry in the eyes of their fans.

Newcomers to the Harley cosmos are one expert recommended to come along for the viewing appointment. It’s going to be different in Milwaukee processed than in Japan. And at the Variety to manufacturers who work for Harleys equipment it is difficult to keep track of things. Too thin should not be the new owner of the Road King.

Harley-Davidson FLT Road King on eBay

The US iron brings clearly more than 300 kilos on the scales. Vibrations are part of Harley riding, especially with the huge Engines older years of construction. In the end, there is only one reference left to them Harley community: It is big, you can find it all over the world and very warm.

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