Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail: Blubber bike with few defects

If you were to ask ten people on the street, one HarleyDavidson to describe probably eight would have one Heritage Softail before your eyes. The American is one of the most classic Harleys at all. She celebrates with a lot Chrome jewelry, Spoked wheels, the unmistakable shape of their fender and the relaxed seating position is what defines the Harley-Davidson brand for most.
Such a HarleyDavidson Heritage Softail is currently at eBay offered for sale. It is a vehicle from the year 1999 with 1340 Cubic centimeters Displacement and 56 PS. The machine comes from the United States and is located in Series condition. The special thing about it: the machine has a few optical Signs of use and is therefore perfect as a Winter project for a screwdriver. Or as a basis for a renovation. Stand on the price tag 8600 Euro.

Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail on eBay

eBay Harley Davidson Heritage Softail

The Harley is no longer registered because the owner already has a new bike.

Is this Heritage Softail an honest bike with solid engineering?

The seller describes his motorcycle meagerbut relatively open minded. According to the information, the Harley comes from the United States. 1999 it is rolled off the tape and 20th years walked in America. So far it has apparently come not to a accident. 38,000 miles are on the speedometer. That corresponds to around 61,000 kilometers. One Private citizen bought the machine in the USA in 2019 and to Germany imported. The Harley has German papers and was already approved here. The seller has canceled her because he has a new bike.
The next appointment at TÜV is written in March 2022 at. But apparently there is no need to worry about the new badge. Because the salesperson offers atto renew them after consultation. The Harley is fine drove recognized by the Mileage. She also has Signs of use, laudable to say that openly in the ad! The description does not elaborate on the signs of use. There is only to read that it is about optical defects should act and the technology is ok. Instead, they help pictures. There is both one Chafing point in the paint as well Rust film to discover on the spokes.
eBay Harley Davidson Heritage Softail

According to the description, the Heritage Softail only has minor defects, for example rust film on the spokes.

This Harley is old school in the best sense of the word

If you want the advertised Harley, you should find out about a few things Be clear: 1. The Heritage Softail is a Heavyweight! She almost brings 317 kilograms on the scales and asks for someone behind the wheel who has the strength to maneuver the battleship back and forth. 2. The American cruises rather. 150 km / h are maximally possible. And probably only with Indignation on the part of the machine. From the manageable Freedom from lean angles under the running boards and the resulting consequences for the Driving dynamics not to speak at all.
eBay Harley Davidson Heritage Softail

The sales package also includes the leather bags that can be seen here.

3. Harley lovers lick each other 1999s machinery like this one with the legendary evolutionengine the finger. Why? Because the manufacturer a short time later Injector introduced and the air-cooled Two-cylinder with Carburetor so that were history. To the chagrin of many Purists. Because the uniquely slow, heartbeat-like one BubbleSound The Evo engine is a crucial part of the Easy Rider feeling for many. But the Evo needs one owner with idea. It is considered to be robust, but the Carburetor for example I want to do it again and again set will. 4th Vibrations are part of driving a Harley. If the engine shakes the bike properly while idling, then it runs as it should. 5. In Milwaukee, will different processed than at BMW or in Japan.

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