Harley-Davidson Nightrod Special: Airride Custom-Bike on eBay

HarleyDavidson-Machines can do one thing above all: make something! First the bikes from Milwaukee are usually not closed Ignore. No other motorcycle engine sounds like this iron V2 the American. Secondly the fat cruiser models are still today made of metal and without much plasticfrills manufactured. That makes a Harley straightforward and honest. And finally, Harleys fulfill their owners’ dream of “EasyRiderFeeling“, relaxed Bubbling away and see and be seen.
One SeriesHarley according to personal taste refine, is not considered a frowned upon no-go in the scene. in the opposite. Harley riders change and tune to your heart’s content. Often it goes with brought forward Footrests or one changed Handlebars Come on. At the top of the flagpole there are lavishly converted ones CustomUnique pieces as the HarleyDavidson Nightrod Special from 2015who are currently on eBay for 34,500 euros is offered for sale.

Harley-Davidson Nightrod Special on eBay

eBay Harley Davidson Night Rod Special

The offered Harley was literally converted from front to back in view of the pictures.

The list of modifications to the Harley is a long one

The seller describes his machine as beautiful Unique piece with much High endequipment. “beautiful” is a question of taste here, the rest is obviously not. According to the information, one served as the basis for the conversion 2015s Night Rod Special VRSCDX with 1250 Cubic centimeters Displacement, 112 PS and currently just barely 12,000 kilometers on the clock. The code 5HD1 proves, according to the text, that the Harley no Import vehicle. The owner says he has the bike 2017 bought and with the best share lovingly rebuilt or had it rebuilt.
the list the Tags is for a long time. Here the Highlights: It starts with one Airridelanding gear from Arnott with manometer. the Flap exhaust system with a short collector and E number comes from the Penzl company. Of the Rear fender by Jack Lomaxx Ray with a black, screwed perforated sheet is one Custom-made. The same goes for that AirboxCover by NLC. Of the Belly pan is also from NLC. Of the Handlebars has built-in risers and internal cables. the Highsider full LED headlights come with certification mark. And also the AlcantaraBench with a discreetly lasered Porsche logo is a custom-made product. The advertisement reveals further details.

Anyone who wants this machine should find out more beforehand

Anyone who is serious about the offered SpecialHarley interested, should deal with her beforehand. Already the Serial version the night special calls for the right ones financial resourcesto be able to buy and entertain them. Since Harley took the model out of the program, the machines have been increasing in value. Handy like a Harley-Davidson Sportster the Nightrod Special is not. So it takes the necessary one lot at forceto be able to use the machine. A healthier move Additionally. The owner indicates in the advertisement that problems with his cross are the reason for the sale.
eBay Harley Davidson Night Rod Special

Whether it is beautiful is a matter of taste. The machine is definitely a unique piece.

To the advertised Harley just to become, it needs a suitable one parking space, best off the road and lockable. Because the machine doesn’t just need place, she could with her finish and her value too Thief attract. Ultimately, the new owner should come across the right one self-consciousness feature. Because attention is safe for him (or her) with this machine.

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