Harley-Davidson Sportster: crass custom chopper with 130 hp

Harley-Davidson took the air-cooled model Sportster Off the market in Germany at the end of 2020. Those who were not familiar with Harley may have acknowledged that with an indifferent shrug, but it was a big deal for fans. Why? Because the smallest Harley den Entry into the world of air-cooled US two-cylinder depicted. Many a lover might express his passion with a “Sporty“have started.

Rigid-frame Sportster-based chopper on eBay

The Sportster convinced with her in comparison to the brand sisters slim stature and a resulting one good Handiness. That opened up the world of cozy bubbling à la “Easy Rider” even to not so strong fans. Particularly athletic in the sense of Japanese race bikes or especially angry was the last American woman with a maximum of 66 hp not. But enthusiasts knew how to optimize it. Like the blatant one Rigid frameChopperwhich is currently being offered for sale on eBay.
eBay Harley Rigid Sportster

If you look, you will quickly recognize the rigid frame of the wild chopper on the rear wheel.

Unique custom bike based on Sportster

The seller writes about the advertised bike that it is a vehicle of the brandFreestyle“acts. Base forms a Harley-Davidson Sportster from the year 2015. According to the information, the fact that the cool box is not registered as a Harley-Davidson allows a lot of freedom – presumably especially during further conversion. Rebuilt the machine became violent. The first thing to fall is Rigid frame on the matte black one Custom bike missed a touch of motorcycle construction from the 1920s and the machine looks great. Getting a rigid frame for a Harley-Davidson Sportster registered has been practically impossible in Germany for some time. Just because of that, promises for the motorcycle at the next HarleyTo meet loads of attention.
eBay Harley Rigid Sportster

There is performance in here! The tuned V2 has a hefty 130 hp and is probably not for beginners.

The situation at the traffic light look. Because that too engine is anything but original. That Nightster1200Aggregate got a worth seeing Tuning from G&R with 1400 cylinder kit, Forged pistons, a sharp one camshaft, huge Throttle valves, MCJ exhaust and a lot more. Edited in this way, it does a great job 130 hp! TÜV the bad bike still has up May 2022. Stand on the price tag 14,900 euros.

eBay Harley Rigid Sportster

Please test drive! Anyone who wants to take a seat here needs a healthy, strong back.

Interested parties should know this before buying this chopper

If you got sweaty hands while reading the previous lines and want to have the bad chopper, you should definitely keep the following points in mind: 1. The conversion and its quality should be checked at an on-site appointment. There is nothing against tuning or customizing, but you should know what he (or she) is getting into in detail before buying. 2. One Must be a test drive.

Rigid-frame Sportster-based chopper on eBay

This chopper probably doesn’t drive like a standard Sportster because of the rigid frame alone. Try it out and check whether your back can do it! 3. Anyone who shows up on this bike is sure to attract the attention of bystanders. The other Harley rider, other biker, but also the neighbors and law enforcement officers.

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