Harry Potter fan discovers remarkable sex scene in old movie

J.K. Rowling and the makers of the Harry Pottermovies apparently had put on the naughty ones The Prisoner of Azkaban. One megafan noticed that there is a sex scene hidden in the film and nobody has noticed it before. “Maybe I’ve been in lockdown for too long, but I think I found a sex scene in Harry Potter“, the Twitterer said.

In addition, the fan adds a screenshot showing a map with two pairs of feet at the bottom that should represent the sex symbol. Other fans had noticed the funny moment much earlier. “I already knew this 16 years ago,” responds one. Others see it a bit lighter: “Perhaps they want to show that two students were kissing.”

But there is an explanation. Rus Wetherell was the man who created the credits scene, explains. “I was still working at 4 a.m. and saw an opportunity to add something that would be funny for the adult viewers, but wouldn’t understand children,” he says of the infamous feet on the Huffington Post.


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