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Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling shares her inspiration for the name Severus Snape

The original stories about Harry Potter and his magic friends are now several years old. Yet the adventures of Hogwarts’ (former) students continue to live, both in the hearts of the fans and in that of writer J.K. Rowling.

It has been thirteen years since J.K. Rowling the last book in the Harry Potterseries. And yet the writer still manages to provide fans with new facts about the characters and the books.

From why the Dursleys hated the most famous boy in the wizarding world, to why Ron and Hermione shouldn’t have been a couple, J.K. Rowling shares it all with Harry Potterfans.

Severus Snape

This time the writer shared a fact about the name Severus Snape. She shared a photo, which inspired the name of one of the most controversial characters from the Harry Potterseries. And that inspiration was very simple: a street name!

“I walked past this sign every day when I was on my way to work when I was still living in Clapham,” Rowling said. “Much later – post-publication – I was back in the region and suddenly realized that this was how “Severus” got into my mind when I was looking for a first name for Snape. ”

Sirius Black

Many names out Harry Potter have a deeper meaning. For example, with the name Sirius Black, J.K. Rowling after the animal form of the character. The star Sirius is also called the Dog Star. And also Remus Lupine has a name that refers to his different appearance, that of a werewolf.

So names are clearly important to J.K. Rowling. And she was also satisfied with the choice of Severus Snape, she made clear when Harry Potter chose the name for his second child. In The Cursed Child we learn that the youngest Potter scion was given the names Albus and Severus.


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