Harvest Moon: One World is also set to be released for PlayStation 4 in the fall

Developer Natsume and publisher Rising Star Games recently announced that Harvest Moon: One World should also appear for PlayStation 4. So far, the title was only announced for Nintendo Switch, which of course annoyed many fans of the series. Since the Harvest Moon series has a long history on Sony consoles, you don’t want to disappoint PlayStation fans either.

New engine and game mechanics

The cover art of Harvest Moon: One World

The latest adventure should appear in autumn and present itself in a new look. That sounds like you have heard the criticism of the fans from the makers. A new graphics engine is also promised.

On the other hand, there is less hope that there is not a single view of the game with the announcement and even today. Nintendo will handle sales in Europe itself.

A world full of familiar faces, new acquaintances, unique villages and adventurous challenges awaits young farmers in Harvest Moon: One World. It is also important to manage your own farm so that it grows and thrives. Thanks to a new engine, the varied country life is presented in a completely new guise.

“Harvest Moon has evolved over the decades, but has always maintained the traditional family-friendly fun in farming life for which the series is known. With the new engine and the new graphics, the gaming experience is further enhanced. We look forward to announcing more details about Harvest Moon: One World in the coming months, ”said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume, on the announcement.

via Gematsu, images: Harvest Moon: One World, Rising Star Games, Nintendo / Natsume


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