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Have a look inside influencer, photographer and stylist Sanne Pol van @enstijl

Sanne not only loves interior design, but also … moving. In the past 4 years she has changed houses 4 times and this house has also been secretly sold. We don’t mind! Another reason to come and have a peek.

Before this she lived with her husband Mari and children Bo & Jip in an old garage which they completely renovated. Since this year they live in an old mansion in Haarlem. Close to the city and the beach!

A good house was the basis

Where they previously did a lot of work on the garage, this house was a bit less strenuous. Although, it was not quite their taste and so there was a lot to look at!

The style of Sanne ..

She herself describes her style as ethnically chic. Something that is mainly reflected in the oriental dishes, wicker baskets and worldly accessories. The black of the kitchen and the window frames makes the whole look chic.

Nice wall

Sanne’s interior is anything but standard and that is why it is so beautiful and unique. She likes to work with raw materials and structures. The wall behind the kitchen, for example, was treated with beton cire and behind the dining table they worked with lime paint. A technique that may seem complicated at first glance, but it is not too bad.

You apply the first layer with a roller and for the second you start working with a block brush and make wild movements to get the playful, cloudy effect.

Tip: the dining table in the house is quite robust and heavy. It is made of concrete with a steel base frame. Sanne therefore chose to keep the dining room chairs airy and open.


The couple is crazy about Marrakech! They prefer to be there a few times a year to relax and look for new interior treasures, so they really wanted to bring the Moroccan atmosphere back into their home.

How can you do that? For example, by having small niches installed in your wall (Sanne did with a retrofit wall) and by having planks plastered with the wall.

Not that those niches have an enormous function, but more because it provides the playful touch. The golden details in the home also ensure that the atmosphere is continued very nicely.

The first floor

If you look closely you will see that the ground floor consists of a playroom -which you can close with en-suite doors- and a wonderful kitchen. The living room can therefore only be found on the first floor. Or, as Sanne describes it, “the adult space”.

The open space and the bedroom that immediately adjoined it was important. They can retire to it in the evening and because of the open feeling, the rich materials and, for example, the four-poster bed, they really get a luxurious hotel and holiday feeling.

Natural colors and linen

Sanne’s house is not a colorful palace of colors and exudes a lot of luxury, atmosphere and tranquility. Natural tones, the use of linen and almost everywhere the same colors on the walls and the black window frames ensure a lot of unity and tranquility in the house. In addition, souvenirs really finish it off and they recommend that to everyone.

Tip: you really don’t have to go straight to Morocco or India for a large accessory or an old piece of wood. It can also be a beautiful boulder or a stone from a river in the Ardennes. It is precisely those types of items that give your home atmosphere and a personal touch.


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