He crushes the accelerator pedal of his Porsche Taycan in the wrong place

The Porsche Taycan is capable of incredible acceleration. But he needs room to express himself, as this owner has just seen.

With the Taycan, Porsche is worth converting its entire philosophy to electric power. The result is an emission-free sedan with phenomenal power, capable of speeding up, defying the clock in a straight line and even drifting for long minutes. But to take advantage of it, it is necessary to have space around the car.

This is what this English driver just learned the hard way on a ramp to a house garage. After a brief stop, the Porsche Taycan suddenly accelerated with the wheels turned: after hitting a parked SUV, the sedan ended its wild ride in a BMW 1 Series that had asked for nothing.

I Believe I can fly

The causes of this accident are rather unclear, some citing a technical problem, the activation of Launch Control in the wrong place or even confusion between the brake and accelerator pedal. This last assumption seems to be the correct one according to the testimonies of the residents of the district. However, it seems that the pressure on the accelerator pedal was way too strong.

Proof of this is with the black Vauxhall which was very easily displaced by the debauchery of the torque of the electric sedan, undoubtedly in a Turbo S configuration of 761 hp for 1,050 Nm. Fortunately, no injuries are to be deplored following this incident, the driver being simply upset when getting out of his electric sedan displayed with us from € 189,934.


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