He loses the roof of his Tesla Model Y on the highway

At the wheel of his brand-new Tesla Model Y, this owner was unpleasantly surprised to lose the roof of the vehicle on the highway.

It appears that Tesla has yet to resolve some quality issues on its vehicles. While we were discussing this summer the case of a user who lost his rear bumper, another owner announced that he had lost… the roof of his Model Y. According to him, the latter simply came off when the car was engaged on a fast track. With the glass roof running through the car along its entire length, the Model Y simply turned into a convertible as shown in the short video posted on Twitter below.

“My dad bought a brand new Model Y today, and he took me to pick it up in case he needed help with technical issues. Everything was fine and we were on our way home when we started to hear a ton of wind. I thought maybe a window was open, but a minute later the whole glass roof blew up. After a moment of panic, we turned around and brought the new Tesla convertible back to the dealership ” the owner’s son testified on the Reddit platform. “The dealership manager said either the roof seal was faulty or the factory … just forgot to seal the roof? I can’t imagine how something as large as the unattached roof could pass quality control. If this is a recurring problem, many people could be injured ” he continued.

While this owner’s mishap is unprecedented, it once again points to persistent quality issues on the manufacturer’s assembly lines. As a number of competitors enter the market, Tesla can no longer afford this kind of mistake.

On Model Y, the glass roof covers the vehicle along its entire length


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