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‘He walks in his own myth trap’

The Netherlands wants to get rid of gas. That is better for Groningen and the CO2 emissions. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially as there are doubts about current alternatives. This is also the view of Arjen Lubach, who razed the current policy to the ground last Sunday. In the Sunday with Lubachitem he explains in great detail what is going wrong. Much praise on Twitter, but also criticism from a professor.

In the item Lubach pays particular attention to the two alternatives to gas that are currently used: a heat network or heat pump. Two seemingly perfect ways to get off the gas. When you have one of the two, your house is completely gas-free. That sounds like a good idea, but when you zoom out a little further, you run into two problems.

Lubach critical of gas-free Netherlands

The first problem is the cost. Making your house completely gas-free is an expensive affair. Especially installing a heat pump and everything that goes with it is very expensive. It quickly amounts to more than 25,000 euros. You will earn that back, but with an average tax reduction of 50 euros per month, this will take at least forty years. So you do it mainly for the environment, and Lubach also questions that.

The fact that your house is gas-free does not mean that no gas is used to heat your house. A heat network or heat pump also has to get its energy from somewhere. Part of it is green, but, according to Lubach, mainly natural gas is used. So at the bottom of the line it does not yield that much profit. Not for your wallet and not for the planet, but not everyone agrees.

“Own myth trap”

After the broadcast of Sunday with Lubach Jan Rotmans climbed into the digital pen and sent the tweet below. In it, the professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam states that he is disappointed with Lubach’s item. Rotmans has already published many articles on climate change and sustainable change. He is therefore familiar with the matter and, according to him, Lubach is walking in his own fairy trap (a reference to this item).

Strong criticism, but unfortunately no explanation. Something that other Twitterers then asked about. Unfortunately they did not get the hoped-for answer from Jan Rotman.

What’s not right about it Sunday with Lubachitem about a gas-free Netherlands is therefore not clear. That’s a shame, because it would be good to hear a solid response. Now doubts remain about the best way to heat our homes. It is therefore to be hoped that someone, perhaps Jan Rotmans himself, will explain what is wrong with Lubach’s story.

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Lubach criticized by professor: “He runs into his own myth trap”


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