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“He was suffering from 14 Corona!”

Singer Tino Martin also agrees. His performance at the Liberation Festival was not his best ever. Had everything to do with corona, writes the Freedom Ambassador in his Insta apologies. His performance and words of apology are still echoing on Twitter and people think that it was indeed due to corona. At least the beer.

The celebration of Liberation Day traditionally ended yesterday with the May 5 concert and, just like last year, it was in the Royal Theater Carré. Liberation festivals could also be followed live in other places in the country, such as at Gilze-Rijen air base, where singer Tino Martin did not sing the stars, but rather sang out of heaven.

Fan or not, it didn’t sound really good of course. The singer seemed to ‘scratch’ rather than sing and had audible difficulty with just about every note. People went crazy on social media and also in RTL Boulevard it was called, something that by the way did not sound like music to many people’s ears.

Not good for a singer’s ego and Tino Martin has apologized for his performance on social media. According to him, the concert went “far from flawless” because he was ill with the corona virus in recent weeks.

“I have seriously underestimated the consequences and aftermath of this (including ringing in the ears),” the singer writes on Instagram. “The ringing in the ears in combination with my greatly reduced (singing) condition due to the corona virus turned out to have a negative impact on the performance and I regret that very much.”

Comments to Tino Martin

Under his post on Instagram, the response is still partly sympathetic. Dave Roelvink gives him muscle arms and a fan praises him. “I thought and think it is already great that you were there anyway since you have not completely recovered … Unfortunately people always have comments, but you are a topper !!” Rob Goossens from RTL Boulevard does not come off well with his fans. “What a jellyfish.”

But other sounds can also be heard below this message. “Yes yes, good excuse, it was not the first time that you were so wrong” and on Twitter #teamTino is hard to find. “We also regret Tino Martin,” someone replied to his apologies. And: “It is only a liberation when someone takes that microphone from Tino Martin, what a fake!”

In any case, Nico Dijkshoorn had a great time. “Tears run down my cheeks from laughter. Also with the idea that he will look back on this tonight. ”

Others think that it was indeed the after-effects of corona, but of beer.

And still others have no idea who Tino Martin is.

Fortunately for the singer, there are also people who defend him. “Everyone has an offday sometimes, right?”, Someone writes, after which he shares a clip of Tino Martin. “He can sing, you know.” And another finally throws it on freedom: “That is freedom, freedom to make your voice heard, not to wonder if it is useful, but just do it. For example, a long time ago I pretended to be Cruijff, I dared that, just did it, but didn’t hit a ball. ”

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