Head of Mercedes plant in Berlin goes to Tesla: IG Metall announces protest action

The center of the German auto industry is in the south of Germany – but that doesn’t mean that Tesla can’t find suitable candidates closer to its emerging gigafactory near Berlin. As the local IG Metall announced, the previous head of the Mercedes engine plant in Berlin has switched to Tesla. The union therefore called him a “soulless manager” and announced a protest in front of the Mercedes plant for Thursday.

Second Daimler switch to Tesla

According to a report by the Berliner Morgenpost, there was already a change in the management of the plant at the beginning of the month. The manager, who has now switched to Tesla, was supposed to accompany the transition until the end of the year. The position in which he started at the electric car manufacturer initially remained open. Last week it became known that another manager from the Daimler Group is now working for Tesla. The switch to electrical competition could be seen briefly from his LinkedIn profile, but that seems to have been deleted in the meantime.

IG Metall wanted to emphasize the farewell of the Berlin plant manager on Thursday. A communication on the protest even mentions “treason”. Incidentally, the union does not understand “why such a traditional and innovative car manufacturer like the Daimler Group wants to capitulate to its American competitor”.

Mercedes is reducing its staff in Berlin

The background for this assessment and the harsh words against the former head are likely to be that Mercedes in Berlin, of all things, manufactures engines – and that, according to the Morgenpost article 2000, this plant should lose its 2500 jobs because fewer combustion engines are needed. The arrival of Tesla in Berlin could therefore be understood as an almost direct trigger for the job losses at Mercedes. The change in the plant manager, who began his career in the Berlin plant in 1990 and continued there from 2016, is therefore extremely symbolic.


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