Head physician: “We will have to get vaccinated against Corona annually”

The ÖGK has already offered the federal states support for the initial vaccination against Corona, but only Carinthia has really taken action so far. In Carinthia, the ÖGK district offices are open on weekends to vaccinate people over 80. At the weekend, to minimize the risk of infection and to enable working relatives to get their seniors to be vaccinated. In addition, mobile vaccination teams made up of doctors and administrative staff are out and about in Carinthian valleys to vaccinate people who are difficult to transport. Every weekend 2,000 to 3,000 of the 25,000 Carinthians over 80 are vaccinated by the ÖGK.

Some other federal states have already asked the ÖGK to vaccinate high-risk and certain occupational groups as soon as enough vaccine is delivered. In principle, all ÖGK branch offices and health centers are available to the federal states as a vaccination infrastructure – including doctors and administrative staff.

Also “vaccination buses” possible

However, the ÖGK does not want to vaccinate all insured persons itself, on the contrary, there will have to be a large number of vaccination centers, namely as permanent facilities: physicians, vaccination streets, ÖGK centers, etc. . For example, drive to fire brigade festivals and other well-attended events to bring vaccination as close as possible to the population. ”In the USA it is common for people to be vaccinated at the supermarket checkout. “That doesn’t work with us. But we have to be prepared for the fact that the vaccination and probably also the testing will remain with us. We need a solidarity between the federal government, the federal states and the social security to create a permanent network for the population that is adapted to both the urban area and the periphery. “

ÖGK as a coordination office

In other countries, separate vaccination officers – for example a Corona commissioner in Italy – have been created. In Austria, the ÖGK could become the hub that coordinates vaccination nationwide. She is already in contact with the Ministry of Health about this. “The talks are going well,” says Krauter.

“National goal: vaccination”

Regarding the debate about the quality of the vaccine, the ÖGK chief physician said: “Every vaccine is better than no vaccine. And if I’m only 70 percent protected, that will save me the intensive care unit. ”Krauter, who sits in vaccination webinars three times a week and is in contact with professors in the US and Europe, says that the vaccinations are most likely technology changes will also be possible. Studies are in progress. This means that you will most likely be able to switch between vector vaccine and mRNA vaccine. In any case, one thing is certain: “The national goal is vaccination.”


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