Healthcare premium will only be known later due to the corona crisis, complex calculation

Traditionally, DSW is the first to publish the premium for next year a week after Prinsjesdag. It is a good indicator for the rest of the insurers, who usually follow the line of DSW.

But now “essential outside information is missing,” the company said. This concerns a cost overview for regular care and an overview of the costs for corona care, chairman of the board Aad de Groot told RTL Z.

To determine next year’s premium, the insurer always looks at this year’s costs and the expectations for 2022. “We normally determine the premium on the basis of the cost overviews that we receive from healthcare providers,” says De Groot. “And those overviews for regular care are not yet available. That is also the case in other years, but we cannot make a good estimate now because, for example, there have been catch-up operations.”

Corona costs

More importantly, there is also no specification of the corona costs incurred by healthcare providers and which insurers have to pay. “We get those costs compensated through a complicated calculation by the government. We get that compensation to dampen the premium increase. In previous calculations we had expected that the corona costs would fall to zero from June due to the vaccines, but that was not the case. So our calculation has to be adjusted and that can only be done when we have the information.”

The various insurers have requested a corona cost overview from the hospitals, but it is not expected to be available until mid-October.


“Nationally, it concerns hundreds of millions of euros, without compensation the premium would increase by 30 to 40 euros per month. If we were to determine the premium now with incomplete information, we would have to correct it later. lead to additional anxious reactions.”

Despite the delay, De Groot expects to be the first to announce the premiums again this year. “If we don’t have the information from the hospitals, other insurers don’t have it either.”

Pay raise

The government has already expressed an expectation of the health care premium. The premium for the basic insurance, which is mandatory for every Dutch person, will be 2.75 euros per month more expensive next year, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport expects. This brings the monthly amount to approximately 125.75 euros.

The increase is necessary because of rising healthcare costs. For example, it was announced last week that healthcare workers will receive a pay increase. That results in a premium increase of 13 euros per year, something that the opposition in the House of Representatives fell about last week. A motion had been passed stating that the wage increase would be paid by an increase in corporate tax.

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