‘Healthcare worker will hardly improve next year’

That is a meager 0.25 percent increase in net wages compared to last year, the company said. In the calculation, Visma Raet assumed an average income of 2855 euros per month, which will remain the same in the coming year.

The figures are partly due to the higher pension premium of Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn (PfZW) in the coming year. “With the 0.4 percent increase in premiums, healthcare professionals will have a very minimal increase in net salary next year,” says Joke van der Velpen, Manager Legislation and Regulations at Visma Raet.

‘Premium increase necessary’

Although the pension funds are in relatively good shape this year and discounts seem to have disappeared, the premium increase is necessary, says PfZW. Partly due to the persistently low interest rates, the company expects less income from investments.

Inflation through the roof

Now inflation too goes through the roof, there seems to be little left for many employees. The House of Representatives wants the cabinet to make an extra 600 million euros available next year for salaries for healthcare staff.

Wages in the sector are said to be structurally lower than in other sectors and there is less prospect of growth.


Also the Social and Economic Council (SER) advised an increase in salaries this year. Without extra money, the shortage of personnel threatens to become even greater.

It is of great importance to retain people who already work in the care sector for the profession and to encourage lateral entrants to opt for a job in care in the coming years, the SER says. Only in this way can the growing demand for care be met.

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