Healthy again: Tesla boss sees himself completely recovered after coronavirus infection

If Tesla cannot do without a single person, then it is the co-founder and CEO Elon Musk, who has made the company into the volume provider with by far the highest stock market rating of all automakers worldwide in record time. Against this background, his report last week that he had been found to be infected with the novel coronavirus in two tests, not just a personal one – Tesla shares posted losses on Friday in a fixed overall market. But now Musk gave the all-clear: He was completely healthy again, he informed on Twitter.

Tesla boss and brother infected

At the beginning of the corona pandemic this year, Musk had in part turned fans against himself by declaring the virus to be not very dangerous and predicting that there would probably be no more cases of infections with it in the United States in April. That turned out to be obviously wrong, but the Tesla boss remains skeptical. When he reported on his two positive tests for the novel coronavirus on Friday, he also mentioned that two more had turned out negative and wrote that something “extremely crooked” was going on here.

Medically knowledgeable Twitter users then explained to Musk the difference between quick antigen tests and more precise PCR analyzes. In some cases, it was again criticized that his corona statements were stirring up insecurity or carelessness in the population. Either way, the suspected infection with the Tesla boss was confirmed, he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday: “Definitely had Cov2,” he said. His brother Kimbal was also infected.

In addition, Musk reported only very mild cold symptoms. That in turn fits his early assessment that despite the excitement, Covid-19 does not cause anything more than mild flu. However, there is no serious doubt that the highly contagious virus can lead to the most serious illnesses and even death.

Twitter jokes after Musk’s recovery

Most cases, however, are actually unproblematic according to previous data, and so it was with Musk, as he announced on the night of this Thursday. “Completely,” he replied on Twitter whether he had recovered. A lot of congratulations from his followers followed. And after the Tesla boss apparently survived the infection without complications, people joked about it again: A user wanted to know, for example, whether the contact with Musk had made the virus more intelligent.


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