Hello Goodbye viewers confused: ‘No face masks?’

The Schiphol program is a guarantee for a good crying session. The fierce stories fly around the ears of the viewers and of course everyone looks a bit for that. But the return of Hello Goodbye was viewed with different eyes. Due to the corona crisis, everyone is now used to wearing a mouth mask in public spaces and especially not to hug each other. But in the Joris Linssen show, people were cuddled, kissed and hugged.

“It feels really unworldly to see all those people without masks and all those hugs,” said one viewer on Twitter. ‘Quite strange to see’, says another. Another fan understands that it was recorded ‘in the days when Schiphol was still fun’ and ‘so hopes that the hustle and bustle will return’. But the sentiment of most is mainly the following: “What a wonderful, wonderful program.”

In the video below, Joris tells about the special season of Hello Goodbye.


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