HEMA also closes stores in Spain

That is what the retail chain announced today. The Spanish adventure has lasted about eight years when the shops close. The first store opened in Madrid in June 2014.

The closure of the Spanish HEMAs comes as no surprise. When she took office, CEO Saskia Egas-Reparaz announced that the department store chain will focus on the core markets of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

‘Leading position not possible’

HEMA focuses on those countries where a leading position in the ‘everyday life’ market and sustainable growth are possible, according to Egas-Reparaz. That is not possible in Spain, she says.

Less than three months ago, HEMA also announced that it would close the stores in the United Kingdom after the summer. HEMA only had six stores there.

Wild plans

In recent years, HEMA has focused on stores in new countries. In Europe, for example, it also has stores in Germany (18) and Austria (4). In addition, there are stores in the Abu Dhabi and there were plans to open more stores in the Middle East.

In the United Arab Emirates (of which Abu Dhabi is one) there are now eight HEMAs and in Saudi Arabia there is one. These stores are not run by HEMA itself, but by another company. There are also branches in Qatar.

Mexico and the USA

There is also a webshop in Mexico and HEMA had plans to open 200 stores there. There were even plans to expand to India and Thailand. but nothing came of it.

HEMA also wanted to open stores in Canada, but it has not yet happened. Walmart does sell HEMA items on its website.

Netherlands most important country

The Netherlands is still by far the most important market for HEMA. There are about 550 of the approximately 800 branches. In Belgium and Luxembourg there are about 100 and in France about 70.

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