Here follow Putin’s oil and gas tankers

You can see where tankers with oil and gas from Russia are headed and who is helping to finance Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

A twitter channel tweets the movements of tankers carrying Russian oil and gas. So you can see who is financing Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine by buying Russian oil and gas (gas deliveries through pipelines are not recorded by this Twitter account, but these are known anyway and can be viewed here, for example) .

Russian Tanker Tracker is the name of this Twitter account,
who tweets when a tanker carrying Russian gas or oil puts to sea.

The information on the tanker movements comes from a bot that evaluates various sources, including Marine Traffic and Bloomberg. However, the information on the movements of the tankers is subject to certain uncertainties, because, for example, the tankers can leave the port without specifying a destination or change their destination port on the way. Greenpeace Great Britain, which operates this Twitter account, expressly points this out.

The movements displayed on Russian Tanker Tracker also show that the US import ban on Russian oil and gas has not yet come into effect because of a 45-day transition period. That’s why tankers with Russian gas and oil are still putting to sea for the United States, as the news site Protocol explains. You can also read the exact procedure of Greenpeace Great Britain on Protocol.

Twitter accounts on flights by Putin, Russian oligarchs and Elon Musk are role models

The direct model for “Russian Tanker Tracker” are the Twitter bots that tweet the flight movements of Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs: Here you can track Vladimir Putin’s flights. The procedure is always the same: a bot collects publicly available information, processes it and then distributes the data via Twitter. The best-known model for this is the Twitter account that tweets Elon Musk’s flight movements:

Elon Musk blocks the man tracking his private jet.

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