Here is each of Temptation Island lost so much

In a new episode of Temptation Gossip Roshina tells that her friend ‘only’ lost five kilos. “I’m not at all worried about losing weight to Elke. It seems like a lot, but I think she lost only five pounds by exercising and eating healthy,” she explains. “She has started to take care of herself and I am proud that she is and has been so strong.”

In Temptation Island was earlier to see how Elke brought himself down. She even blamed her appearance for cheating on Arda with seductress Eline. During the last campfire, Elke also doubted herself. “Am I really that ugly?” She confronted her (now) ex.

Temptation Island can be seen every Wednesday at 8.30 pm at RTL 5, or look ahead at Videoland. All episodes of Temptation Gossip you can find here.


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