Here you can get cheap iTunes credit

If you want to top up your iTunes credit, you now have the opportunity to save some money. From week to week, the necessary gift cards with extra credit are offered at other retailers. When purchasing the iTunes credit card, extra credit can be dusted off or benefit from a discount.

iTunes credit: Current discount and bonus promotions

Below you will get an overview of all discounts and bonus promotions that are currently available for iTunes credit.

  • Important: Before buying an iTunes card in the current weekly prospectus at the local branch, check whether the promotions listed below are actually valid. Or address the sales staff personally. In individual cases it may happen that iTunes cards are not offered cheaper at a retailer nationwide.
DealerPeriodBonus balance
Aldi north
Aldi south
Market purchase
Net brand discount
pennyMay 25th to 30th25 euro card: 3.75 euros extra
50 euro card: 7.50 euros extra
100 euro card: 15.00 euros extra
Drinking good

iTunes discount cards: It’s worth comparing

Every discount campaign is worthwhile if you want to save cash. Depending on the campaign, there is sometimes more, sometimes less discount in the form of bonus credit on the prepaid cards. Before you strike, it makes sense to compare the offers of the different markets with each other – both online and in the branch.

There are usually iTunes promotions with 10, 15 and 20 percent bonus credits. From time to time providers leave the rail and offer higher discounts. In general, however, it can be said that you save the most if you select the credit card with the highest amount. Minus point: You have to invest the most yourself.

Keep an eye out especially for the small print: With some promotions, the discounted iTunes credit can expire. An expiry date can refer to the time limit in the footnotes or in the small print of the discount campaign.

Redeem iTunes credit – how it works!

Got a cheap iTunes prepaid card and want to redeem it? This is quite simple. On a Mac or PC, you first have to open iTunes and log in with your Apple ID using your profile. If you click on the profile symbol again, a “Redeem field” appears in which you can enter the credit code.

You can redeem the credit on your iPhone, iPad or iPod just as easily. To do this, navigate to iTunes, the App Store or iBooks Store and log in with the Apple ID. In the menu item “Highlights” you will find the field “Redeem”. Here you go to “Enter code manually” and enter your voucher code.

If further promotions start with iTunes discount, which have not yet been taken into account here, we look forward to a short note in the form of a comment below this message or by email directly to the editorial mailbox.

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