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On the way to Villa Veertien in Dieren, Overijssel, the question arises where we will end up. In the middle of a residential area with terraced houses, is this going well?

Very well, as it appears when we open the glossy painted door of our hotel room a little later. The windows offer a wide and relaxing view of the calmly flowing IJssel, which can be admired in fine weather from the large, wooden, adjoining terrace. A romantic and cozy sofa is ready for the warm-burning gas fireplace, an uncommon extra. Under the high wooden ridge is a spacious and comfortable bed.

It is one of seven rooms, five in the one building, two in the former tobacco warehouse that Villa Veertien offers. Fourteen unsubscribed because the hotel is located at number 14, but also offers a view of the ferry that crosses the IJssel.

Old laundry

The dilapidated laundry, formerly a tobacco factory, was renovated around 2005 by a wealthy American whose father was mayor of Steenderen nearby. In love with the tranquility and the view, he wanted a place to enjoy and he rang the doorbell at the associated house to explain his plans. However, the 19th-century building was not for sale. But as is often the case: the rich get their way and so he was allowed to build later, while only the three characteristic gabled roofs were preserved.

Since September last year, Floris Dirkse van den Heuvel has held sway here, where as a former choir conductor (and also IT specialist) he used to mainly use the baton. After eight years, he took over from a good friend and transformed it into a luxurious residence.

Still, without noticing anything, renovations are being carried out: a new coat of paint on the walls, a colorful print wallpaper, a new interior. Everything to offer the people who come to meet, brainstorm in one of the four halls or get married an inspiring place, although that is now not possible due to the corona measures.

The place is certainly inspiring, with the rising sun in the morning, the sound of geese in the distance, the rippling river water and, thanks to the location, little light and noise pollution. The wooden loft has a stocked refrigerator instead of a minibar in the room and the high ceilings with windows and light walls make it spacious and light.

In addition to its own restaurant, the owner’s wish list also includes a concert hall downstairs in the basement. Once a musician, always a musician.



Not too conceived and a mix of old and new, in keeping with the environment and the building.


In a residential area, where you don’t notice anything inside, the view is overwhelming.


Warm, open, familiar and with interest.


Room rates from € 120,

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