HHB viewers are in a rip through European misfits

The bakers all chose a European building for this assignment. For example, Doctor Thijs went for the Colosseum in Rome and Sabine for the Eiffel Tower. Ellen and Eric kept it a little closer to home, they imitated the Dom Tower and the Waterpoort in Sneek.

Where one baker built a fantastic building, it seemed more like a waste to some bakers. Especially the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, baked by Daniel, causes hilarity among the viewers. ‘Had to look for the original, but it’s still a very ugly cake, sorry’, is the opinion of a Twitterer.

Yet there are also bakers who, according to viewers, have put in a great performance. Especially Thijs and Eric get much needed compliments.

All of Holland Bakt see you every Sunday at 8.25 pm at Omroep Max on NPO 1 and look back here.

Presenter André van Duin brought out the sad news last week that he was being treated for colon cancer during the recording of the program. You can see it in the video below.


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