Hidden from everyone’s eyes: Does Tesla show the first pictures of the new firmware V11 with Refresh?

In passing, Tesla announced its 2020 business figures on Wednesday that its Model S and Model X premium electric cars were getting a refresh. This had been expected for a long time, and it was all the more so since the beginning of the year the first Model S with a suspicious appearance had been seen near the Fremont plant. Nevertheless, Tesla managed to surprise with the refresh models: earlier than initially announced and the new Plaid drive with three motors will also be available for the Model X, with a rectangular steering wheel in the cockpit being eye-catching. But with all the excitement, something important was apparently overlooked: The surface of the new Tesla firmware V11 can be seen on the screens of the Model S and Model X shown.

Closer look at Tesla screens

Tesla distributes wireless software updates with minor new functions and improvements almost on a weekly basis. The currently most current version for normal owners is version 2020.48.35.5, whereby the first number stands for the year, the second for the calendar week and the rest for sub-versions. At longer intervals, however, there are more fundamental revisions as a new firmware basis for the frequent updates that follow. Tesla is currently in the version called V10 – and with the first Model S shipped in the new version (they should come before the refreshed Model X), V11 now seems to be planned.

Tesla itself informed a reader of this by e-mail, who forwarded the information to “Check out our in-depth look at the Model S and Model X redesign. Could this be a look at Tesla Version 11? ”It says a lot. This will soon be found out “when 2021.4 is expected in the next few days”. The somewhat bumpy formulation in the last sentence suggests that the text was translated from English, so that it was probably not only sent to German interested parties (but not to everyone, because it did not initially reach the editors via the general Tesla newsletter). Update: According to a notice in our forum, the email did not come from Tesla itself, but from the provider of an app. Independent of this, the changes described below are noticeable.

It is very clear that the main screen in Tesla Model S and Model X is now built in landscape instead of previously in portrait. But if you follow the suggestion in the e-mail and take a closer look at the cockpit pictures for Model S and Model X on the Tesla order pages, you actually notice that the screen display differs significantly from the current one – also from that in Model 3 and Model Y, which were equipped with transverse screens from the start.

Musk announces Model S news

On the German Tesla website, there is currently only one picture of the new cockpit in Model S and Model X. First of all, you can see that The Witcher will soon be added to the game collection, as some tech sites have already noticed. But the presentation of the arcade selection is completely different in the new Premium Teslas. Under the main title, shown in large, there are now pictures of the other games – roughly what the Netflix menu looked like before.

On the US pages of Tesla there is an additional photo with the new horizontal screen. It illustrates the description of the climate function, which can now be set in three zones – and this menu also differs noticeably from the current menu in Model 3. Instead of just the lower half, it fills the entire screen and has a dark instead of light background. As before, there is another narrow control bar underneath, but unlike before, it also shows music settings.

In addition, there are three symbols in the lower center that Tesla has not yet known. One of them shows a stylized house, so it should be a kind of home button. To the left of the new music control on the right edge there is also a graphic element with two white and one red symbols, one of which is reminiscent of a gummy bear. Next to it is “Haywire”. This means something like “crazy” in English and has not been part of the Tesla repertoire either. As Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in the conference call on the quarterly figures, there will soon be an information appointment specifically for the refresh of the Model S. The introduction of the firmware V11 will most likely be part of it.


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