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Hidden sex scene discovered in Harry Potter | Entertainment

That children’s films often have a hidden message for parents who are watching is nothing new, they are often processed in such a subtle way that the younger viewers do not notice anything, but adults immediately notice the bawdy joke. Also in the third part of Harry Potter, The Prisoner Of Azkaban, such a spicy joke is processed. It only took sixteen years for it to be noticed en masse …

“I may have been in lockdown for too long, but I think I found a sex scene in Harry Potter,” writes one viewer. Twitter, accompanied by a screenshot of the scene. “Most Potter fans have known this since the movie came out, about 16 years ago,” another commented immediately, but apparently it is new to the general public. The picture has been circulating on social media for days.

During the closing credits of the film, the names of all cast members and staff will be shown on Marauder’s Map, which also features numerous footsteps. If you pay close attention, you will see that there is a different set in the corner, which insinuates that a couple would be intimate with each other there. Although many viewers think that it is an innocent drawing instead of consciously choosing the symbol that often indicates that it is a sex scene, let Russian Wetherell, the man responsible for the credits, know that there is indeed intentional play.

He worked on the eleven-minute credits for twenty days. When he was up to four in the morning one day, his eye fell on the empty corner and he decided to put a joke on it. “There was another opening in the design and I saw it as an opportunity to hide a few students there. And so I put two pairs of feet there. It was just fun for adults and children wouldn’t really understand. ”

Rus says that he actually intended to remove the feet, but because director Alfonso Cuarón he liked the joke, he decided to leave it. Despite all kinds of theories about who the two voicing students might be, Rus says it’s not supposed to belong to a particular character.


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