Hiddink, Van Gaal, Wiegman and Zonderland make a special appeal to the government | Sport

The four, together with Joop Alberda, Bas van de Goor and neuropsychology professor Erik Scherder, believe that more sports should be done in the Netherlands despite the corona crisis.

Crucial role

“The virus shows how important the importance of a resilient and vital Netherlands is. We are convinced that sport and exercise play a crucial role in creating a healthy future for our country. Sports and exercise stimulate the vitality, resilience and development of people ”, as can be read in a special pamphlet signed by ten sports associations and the NOC * NSF.

“To fully utilize the power of sport for everyone, things have to change. We hereby call on the whole of the Netherlands to join forces and put a dot on the horizon together. Sports and exercise should have a special place in our daily lives. At school, at work, at home, at the association or in the gym, but also in the hospital or care institution. Everywhere. In this way we work on prevention instead of cure. ”


And the prominent figures make a clear appeal to the government. “An involved and facilitating government is essential and a precondition for success. Let’s pick up this glove together, government and all Dutch people. Can we work together? ”, Concludes the pamphlet.

Read the full pamphlet of the various representatives of (top) sport in the Netherlands here


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