Hide Facebook friends list: Here’s how

How to hide your friends list from prying eyes on Facebook: We provide step-by-step instructions. But watch out: Facebook limits your options at one point.

By default, all of your Facebook friends will see your other Facebook friends. Anyone who values ​​data protection and the protection of their privacy will want to change that as much as possible. We’ll show you how to hide your Facebook friends list. But watch out: there is an inevitable giant catch.

Step by step: How to hide your Facebook friends list

1. Login to Facebook

Log in to Facebook and click your name above to view your profile.

First click on your Facebook name in the top right corner ...


First click on your Facebook name in the top right corner …

2. Call up friends

Now click on the “Friends” tab below your cover picture. Facebook will now show you all of your friends.

... then on the Friends tab ...

3. Manage friends

Now click on the three dots “…” in the top right corner next to “Find friends”. The entry “Edit privacy” appears in the menu that then appears. Click on it. Facebook will now open a popup window.

... then on that "..."Icon and on "Edit privacy".


… then on the “…” symbol and on “Edit privacy”.

4. Edit privacy

In this popup click on the selection menu behind “Who can see your friends list?”.

... and finally under "Edit privacy" on "Just me".


… and finally under “Edit privacy” on “Just me”.

Select the entry “Just me” here. That’s it From now on, Facebook will no longer display your friends list.

Attention: mutual friends remain visible!

But there is one huge limitation – Facebook is Facebook, if you want to tease. Because each of your Facebook friends always sees the friends they have in common with you. So the “mutual friends” cannot be hidden. This cannot be turned off, so Facebook does not want your friends list to be completely locked away and is currently not possible. At most, the number of mutual friends displayed seems to fluctuate depending on the browser access and is not always displayed correctly. But basically, each of your Facebook friends sees the friends he / she has in common with you.

Alternatives: Custom and Selected Groups

If you only want to exclude certain Facebook users or groups from being able to see your friends, or only want to allow certain Facebook users or groups to see your friends, you can do this via the menu item “Custom” in the popup ” Select privacy “do it. Enter the names of the Facebook friends who may or may not see your friends list. Or you don’t enter individual names, but instead enter lists of friends.

Then click again on “save” at the bottom right.

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