High salary and a job quickly? Then you have to be at these HBO studies

This is apparent from the Keuzegids 2022 for higher professional education. It comes out every year around this time, to help students who want to study next year make their choice of study.

And several factors play a role in that choice. What is the chance of getting a job, for example. And how much will you earn? The Keuzegids provides answers to these questions, as well as information about the quality of education.

Technique = is cash register

If you want to be sure of a job with a high starting salary, it is best to choose the technology side. There has been a major shortage of staff here for years, which is reflected in the salaries. This also applies to jobs in transport and logistics.

Studies where it may be financially difficult are, for example, music, speech therapy and theatre.

The low starting salaries are not only related to occupations in sectors where there is little money to be made. It also concerns professions where people often work part-time.

Greatest job opportunity

Those who make their choice mainly dependent on the chance of having a job soon after graduation, can best take up entrepreneurship and retail management. Of all graduates in this study, 89 percent have a job of at least 12 hours a week within a year and a half. That can also be a job in a completely different sector.

Care and education studies also score well when it comes to job opportunities. This is not surprising given the large staff shortages in these sectors.

High unemployment studies

There are of course also studies where the job prospects are a lot less rosy. Unemployment is highest among art academy graduates. But unemployment is also high among alumni of public administration, applied science and media.

This does not always mean that there is no industry demand for these professions. Sometimes unemployment is also caused by the popularity of the study, which means that a lot of people start it. And that is reflected in the unemployment figures.

Effect of the corona crisis

The corona crisis has also had an impact on the labor market position of certain professions, the makers of the Keuzegids conclude. In 2020, for example, the monthly salaries of beginners in entrepreneurship and retail management, music, art academy and international business decreased compared to 2019. These are all sectors that have suffered a lot from the corona crisis, explains Julia van Steennis, editor of the Keuzegids.

That is not the case in journalism, where starting salaries fall most sharply. And that while in the years before that, they went up every year. The monthly salary fell by 87 euros, while the average salary for a HBO graduate increased by 65 euros.

Journalism in the spotlight

One explanation for this is that journalism graduates are more likely to work below their level than other HBO graduates. In addition, there are fewer and fewer starters who start working full-time at a site, newspaper or TV program.

Van Steennis does not know why the labor market position of starting journalists has deteriorated in a period when there is still a high demand for news. It may have to do with the growing distrust of the mainstream media, she says.

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