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Pfizer may be requesting accelerated approval of its potential vaccine against Covid-19 from the US drug watchdog in late November. This step depends on the results of a large-scale study into the effectiveness and safety of the drug, CEO Albert Bourla writes in an open letter. The US regulator FDA can give the green light to the use of medicines in an emergency before they have gone through an official and lengthy approval process.

Also Boeing knows the attention is focused on himself. According to the European aviation regulator EASA, the Boeing 737 MAX is safe and will probably be able to fly again before the end of the year. EASA expects that the paperwork for the approval of the aircraft can be completed next month. Then follows a period in which other parties are allowed to respond to this. The US FAA is also finalizing its final requirements for software updates for the MAX. The Americans are also expected to give permission to fly the aircraft again in November.

Investors are also responding to the new quarterly figures of Schlumberger, where again a loss and a considerably lower turnover went into the books. The oil services provider expects it to take another year before the company makes as much profit again as before the corona crisis.

Furthermore Twitter eased its policy on blocking potentially hacked information, following a storm of criticism over alleged bias in the run-up to the US election. Twitter recently blocked a message damaging to presidential candidate Joe Biden about his son’s affairs in Ukraine, in which Biden was allegedly involved as vice president at the time. The company now wants to be more careful with such blocks based on suspicions of hacked information.

The indicators in New York went slightly lower on Thursday. Investors weighed the likelihood of a breakthrough in the political deadlock surrounding a new bailout package. Furthermore, the revival of the new coronavirus hung above the market, now that fears of economic damage from lockdowns increase. The Dow Jones index ended 0.1 percent lower at 28,494.20 points. The broad-based S&P 500 fell 0.2 percent to 3,483.34 points and tech exchange Nasdaq fell 0.5 percent to 11,713.87 points.


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