Highest broad prosperity | 2.4 million self-tests to schools | And lawsuit Peter R. resumes

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Which municipality has the highest broad prosperity? This afternoon Statistics Netherlands will publish the Monitor Regionale Brede Welvaart for the first time. This not only looks at economic growth, but also at health, work, living quality and clean air. Taking a broader view should provide a fairer picture of the level of prosperity.

Sinterklaas may be on the steamer back to Spain, but presents continue to rain. Today, the 6,700 primary schools receive no fewer than 2.4 million corona self-tests. Students in groups 6, 7 and 8 have to take a test at home twice a week. And that can be quite difficult. That is why we previously explained (with the help of Sywert) how to do this in a video.

The two suspects of the murder of Peter R. de Vries are again in court. During this pro forma hearing, the status of the investigation and any wishes of the suspects will be discussed. There is a good chance that the driver of the getaway car will ask for his custody to be lifted and the suspected shooter will remain silent in all languages, just like seven weeks ago.

The Eurogroup meets in Brussels. The finance ministers – Wopke Hoekstra will be replaced by State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief because of the formation – talk about Greece and whether it is entitled to a bag of money of about 750 million euros. Fireworks are not expected, because the country placed under guardianship has kept its agreements for years.

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For a change, arch-rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are once again working in unison. They also have a formidable enemy: investor CVC who wants to buy into Spanish top football.

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ps Rutte is looking for new impetus, but not in himself, notes Jos Heymans.

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