Highlight: 6 GB LTE tariff in the Telekom network for 9.99 euros – can be canceled monthly

For a short time: 6 GB LTE tariff in the best Telekom network at the top price of 9.99 euros – permanently.

There is currently a tariff deal in the strong Telekom network with the tariff provider Crash, which belongs to Klarmobil. You receive

6 GB LTE data volume

for the price of

9.99 euros per month

. Advantage with this deal: You can if necessary

cancel monthly

and you get one

price guarantee

. Even after 24 months, the tariff is permanently cheap.

Click here for the top offer: 6 GB LTE in the Telekom network for only 9.99 euros

These are the tariff conditions

  • Network: Telecom

  • Data volume: 6 GB with LTE 25Mbit/s

  • Flat rate telephony & SMS

  • Flat EU roaming

  • eSIM possible

  • 19.99 euros one-off connection fee

  • 9.99 euros basic fee per month

  • Term: 24 months

Click here for the top offer: 6 GB LTE in the Telekom network for only 9.99 euros

With a data volume of 6 GB, you can get along very well in everyday life. You can surf the web, use WhatsApp and Instagram and stream music or podcasts without hesitation. You can also make as many calls as you want. You can cancel the contract monthly. And the price remains permanently low, most such deals run for 24 months, after which the price increases massively. That is not the case here.

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