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Hit film Herman Finkers returns June 1 in cinema Entertainment

In that month, the film attracted more than 500,000 visitors, making it the most visited film in the Netherlands for more than four weeks. Now that the cinemas will open again on June 1, the film will once again be admired on the big screen, distributor September Film announced on Monday.

In De Beentjes of Sint-Hildegard, a couple from Twente evaluates their relationship after 35 years. The female lead is played by Johanna ter Steege. It is not yet clear in how many rooms the film will be shown; many cinemas have yet to determine whether it is lucrative to open if no more than thirty people are allowed to enter.

Distributor Gusto has already announced that he will release at least two new films in the week of June 1: the French drama Filles de Joie and the English-language thriller I See You. Major studios Warner and Disney confirm that the blockbusters Tenet and Mulan will be released in mid-July, despite all the corona restrictions that the theaters still suffer from.


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