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Iconic and handy: a motorhome youngtimer as a hobby

After 20 years, the classy Hobby 600 KS has arrived in the entry-level league in terms of price. Is buying a real tip? Or is there more frustration than nostalgia in the end?

Kult and save, can it work? The Hobby 600 offered by the Wohnmobil Galerie in Hohenaspe cost a medium fortune. The price tag in 2001 was 87,400 marks, mind you, without any extras. The former luxury vehicle is now a classic. The dealer calls for motorhome conditions moderate 19,900 euros on. What travel qualities does it still offer after 20 years?

The status of the cult vehicle was quickly achieved with the Hobby 600

Hobby T 600

The 90s greet you from the cockpit: Transporter flair without any airbag, shrill seat cushions.

© Christoph Börries

That’s him: A motorhome like a yacht. The first Hobby 600 series came on the market in 1984. The semi-integrated models quickly achieved the status of cult vehicles in the scene despite the tight new prices. That appealing design and the clever floor plan made it clear that company boss Harald Striewski and his team had invested a little more brainpower than many competitors in optimal functionality. Our test hobby shows plenty of light alder-type wood decor and also shows how different the upholstery sample taste was 20 years ago. What is more important, however, is that all furniture so far intact and also the fabrics not worn through are. A faithful renewal would be difficult after such a long time. The exterior color scheme now differs from that in the brochure: The rockfall area has been reworked with blue metallic paint all around with a shirt-sleeved finish. (Overview: new camping accessories 2021)

Strengthen weaknesses
– Iconic image – Potentially water damage
– Very pleasant feeling of space – Old security concept
– Long-lasting expansion quality – Low payload
– Proven base vehicle – Possible oxidation problems
– Winter-proof construction – No assistance systems whatsoever

Three large side windows create an unusual ambience

Hobby T 600

Such an abundance of files is a pleasure for those interested: The on-board folder of our test vehicle is complete.

© Christoph Börries

He has: Plenty of charm and flair. The line of the Hobby 600 with the three vertical windows as an eye-catcher is unmistakable. Despite one External length of 6.17 meters the space available is convincing. A double bottom 21 centimeters high, insulated windows and carefully insulated outer walls make the motorhome suitable for winter. Ever 110 liter fresh and waste water tank volume are practical. The driver and front passenger stay in our test vehicle on comfortable ISRI armchairs with adjustable armrests. The adjoining dinette in the rear looks pleasantly airy, the Conversion to a 1.90 meter short double bed only takes a few minutes. The standing height in the interior is sufficient for a maximum of 1.95 meters tall people. The inside are also very striking in terms of style three large side windows in the living area. They create an unusual atmosphere on board and, together with the skylight, let in plenty of daylight.

Camping accessories to offer

Reimo sun canopy Mauritius

Price *: 149.00 euros

Skandia Moonchair Sirkka

Price *: 69.95 euros

Frankana Freiko Resty garbage separator

Price *: 17.50 euros

Paramondo awning

Price *: 499.00 euros

Wacaco Nanopresso portable espresso machine

Price *: 89.90 euros

* Price: Amazon price on September 7th, 2021

When driving, given the side windows, you sometimes have the impression that you are sitting in the open-plan wagon of the train. Of the Kitchen block with three-burner hob and a stainless steel basin embedded under the worktop meets normal motorhome requirements, but the refrigerator should be able to hold more than 80 liters. The opposite Bathroom with Thetford toilet and shower tray integrated in the floor fine with me. Only the plastic marble decor on the numerous cabinet fronts is not very tasty. The rear berths, on the other hand, are refreshingly simple. That space-saving double bunk bed with 85 centimeter wide spring mattresses in the rear forms the conclusion and offers two full sleeping places. Children in particular find this bed solution great.

Technical specifications
Motorization Four-cylinder / front cross
power 90 kW (122 PS) at 3600 rpm
Displacement 2800 cc
Torque 285 Nm at 1800 rpm
Top speed 146 km / h
Gearbox / drive Five-speed manual / front-wheel drive
Tank capacity / type of fuel 80 l / diesel
Length Width Height 6170/2300/2850 mm
Wheelbase / tires 3720 mm / 215/70 R 15 C
Empty weight ready to drive / payload (test mobile) 3020/480 kg
Trailer load (braked / unbraked) 1600/750 kg
Material wall / roof / floor AluSW / GFK / HolzSW
Lying area in the middle L x W 1900 x 1400 mm
Lying area rear L x W 2x 2180 x 850 mm
Fridge / incl. icebox 80 l
stove 3 flames
Board battery 12 V / 80 Ah
Fresh / waste water tank 110/110 l
Gas supply / heating 2x 11 kg / Truma C
Test consumption 10.8 liters D / 100 km
Base price (2001, 2.8 id TD) 87,400 marks

The compact hobby is easy to maneuver in the city

Hobby T 600

The Hobby 600, which is equipped with an ALKO low-frame chassis, masters bends without blame.

© Christoph Börries

This is how he drives: Basically still pleasant. Although this Ducato II still has the face that has not been face-lifted, the one in the Hobby 600 this year rumbles under its hood Standard 2.8-liter turbodiesel direct injection with at least 122 hp and a useful torque of 285 Newton meters. This achievement doesn’t knock anyone off their feet these days. But the hobby, which weighs a maximum of 3.5 tons, seems effortless on our long overland trip and doesn’t starve to death on the first incline. The compact hobby can show off its handy dimensions in cities, looks good maneuverable. We only miss a rear-view camera.

Costs (Hobby 600 KS Line D, (90 kW / 122 PS)
Test consumption 10.8 liters of diesel / 100 km
CO2 286 g / km
inspection 350 to 750 euros
Liability * 604 euros
Partial coverage * 336 euros
Fully comprehensive * 1662 euros
Vehicle tax (S1, weight 3500 kg) 480 euros
Spare part prices **
alternator 1021 euros
Starter 806 euros
Timing belt 390 euros
water pump 1119 euros
Brake discs and pads, front 571 euros
4 summer tires 215/70 R 15 C 560 euros
* Online tariff of the HUK24 insurance: registration in Hamburg, drivers only policyholders and partners (40 years old), annual mileage 15,000 km, contribution rate 100 percent; ** Prices including wages at brand workshops, independent workshops cheaper

That is also critical tight payload at the level of a compact class car. As is typical of the model, the clutch also comes rather late, but after almost 170,000 kilometers, viewed in the light, you can no longer expect the characteristics of a young used car. Except for a power steering, there is no relevant assistants, even ABS in the class up to 3.5 tons in 2001 still cost a hefty 1890 marks extra. You have to avoid environmental zones in the absence of a soot particle filter – or you plan a four-digit amount for a filter retrofit before buying.

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