Hofer: “Government recalled, cabinet of experts installed”

Norbert Hofer: I don’t just throw personal sympathy outside of politics overboard. In politics it must be allowed to remain human. However, it has been shown that the Turquoise-Green coalition is not working. There was the shredder affair, the resignation of Lunacek, the plagiarism affair and the resignation of Aschbacher, the constitutional breach incessantly, the scandalous Easter decree, the vaccine disaster, the cover-up allegation about the terror of Vienna, the fake masks for the old people’s homes, the findings from Ibiza -U committee, the armed forces on the Tyrolean border and now also the unpleasant development around benevolent behavior for financial donations.

Do you really believe that the Austrians want new elections instead of solutions to the crisis?

Exactly these solutions do not come with this government. No other country in the EU comes through the crisis as badly as Austria. Therefore, the government should be recalled, a cabinet of experts should be set up and a reasonable date should be agreed for new elections. Nothing has to be rushed.

Herbert Kickl indicated in a news interview that he would take over the party if the members wanted to. How much longer do you sit in the executive chair?

When the question arises of who should succeed me as federal party leader, I am glad to know that there are many committed and qualified officials.

Isn’t Kickl using an old Haider trick? In 2002 he didn’t say “I want to be FPÖ boss”, but “I’m wearing Riesscommanded to do it again ”.

No, it is a sign of freedom and plurality. It is my job to unite the entire potential of the right-of-center voters, for this I also need a Herbert Kickl and his often misunderstood way of drawing us attention.


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